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Bidding for the oldest English astronomy book was €11,500

Bidding for the oldest English astronomy book was €11,500

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An astronomical treatise older than Galileo has found a buyer with an international collector following a competitive auction. This work, signed by Robert Record, is the first written work on astronomy in the English language.

First edition Castle of knowledge (The Castle of Knowledge) by Robert Record (London, 1556, published by Reginald Wolfe) was offered for sale by Hanson’s Auctioneers on 1 November. Bidding went up to £10,000 (€11,500).

It is an astonishing discovery, and the most important scientific text I have ever dealt with.” Jim Spencer, head of books at Hansons, said:.I could only find one other that was sold at auction. It sold at Bonhams in 2007 for £74,200 (€85,000). Of course, our copy was not so well preserved, but it was simply there. Incredibly rare. »

In addition to its status as the oldest astronomical book in the English language, it is also one of the first to be cited. D Revolutionibus orbium cholestium Polish astronomer CopernicusFounding work of the heliocentric system.

Record was a great Welsh scholar, physician and mathematician who deserves much recognition. “, Spencer pointed out. ” This is especially so Creator of the “equals” sign 1557 popularized the “plus” and “minus” signs among the Anglo-Saxons.. »

Born 1512 in Denby, Pembrokeshire. Robert’s record Educated at Oxford and later studied medicine at Cambridge. Returning to Oxford, he taught mathematics. He later served as Royal Physician in London. A political quarrel proved fatal for him, leading him to prison, where he died in 1558.

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