June 17, 2024


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Braves Rage: Roguelite deckbuilder gets English and Japanese support

Braves Rage: Roguelite deckbuilder gets English and Japanese support

Author Astrolabe games And developer ISVR have announced the release of English and Japanese versions of their roguelite deckbuilder. Braves Rage.

Braves Rage The new game update is now available in English and Japanese. This game was originally released for Windows PC (via Steam) April 22 but only supports Chinese languages.

8 unique playable characters, over 300 maps, 16 difficulty levels and 8 different levels! More exciting content is coming!

Braves Rage is a Active time Sports roguelite deckbuilding. Our unique Active-Time Card combat system allows players to run bullet-time, find the right moment to attack or block, and pursue powerful combos to deal with any situation. Choose your guts, deploy your team, build your base and defeat the strongest enemies to save the princess!

Braves Rage Rogulite deckbuilding game with a twist.

Classic tech-building game with new twists!

You may have played Rogulite deckbuilding games before, but you have occasionally played Active time roguelite deckbuilding sport? We have included some of the most popular features Jaffna And action gamesATP We repeat the classic deckbuilding game.

At Braves Rage, do not sit back, click and watch your cards play! Bullet time can be activated at any time to determine when your cards are playing. Sometimes only a carefully planned block is needed to completely change the wave!

Of course, we always say “best defensive offense,” which is also true for the Braves Rage. Read your opponent’s actions and use the bullet time! You can make time to block your movement and then pursue counterattacks. Or unleash a powerful AOE attack to attack at once!

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Choose your guts, build your site, play in different styles and enjoy a different adventure every time you go!

Eight different characters that can be played (with plans to add more!) With their own layers and unique ability trees. There are random searches and events on the map to strengthen your heroes (well … more chances)! Do not forget to loot all the powerful items and equipment that are in your way. Find your most comfortable structure and bring the princess home!

And … of course, going alone is dangerous! Create a duet with another brave person to go further. Create strategies and discover synergies, double the creations and quadruple the fun!

Go on an epic journey and discover Braves Rage – a (very!) Active card making game!