May 18, 2024


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BTS, Licensed and BUT students are not required to graduate with a Certificate in English

BTS, Licensed and BUT students are not required to graduate with a Certificate in English

The state council on Tuesday confirmed that certification in English cannot be sought by an outside body to obtain licenses, BTS and BUT.

Hello La Phage “A win”. In a press release, the First Student Association welcomes Decision of the State Council Who, this Tuesday, June 7 violated an order and a April 2020 Order. The latter, undergraduate and professional licenses, however, made it compulsory for students enrolled in BUT and BTS to obtain a Certificate in English (TOEIC, TOEFL,…) and a Diploma. In September of the same year, the Federation of National Student Linguistic Associations (Fnael) and fourteen national associations appealed to the State Council to overturn this decision.

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The judges decided that it should be a condition for awarding diplomas in English for the issuance of a certificate from a company outside the accredited institution. “Contrary to the rules of education”. They therefore rescind the order of April 2020 and most of the order of the same day. The State Council orders that the Ministry be proven “Excessive power”.

Certificate of “without vulnerability” and “as opposed to plural”

According to Fage, the certification posed a risk “The uncertainty of the student population from the funding of this activity does not appear in the texts: so students may one day be able to fund their own certification, thus opening the door to private institutions in our public higher education institutions. For example, many universities have already opted for private certification..

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“On the other handAdds union, This should only be done in English, so it is contrary to our values ​​of promoting multilingualism. Finally, according to the union, “This certificate does not have a real impact on students’ language learning because it is only mandatory to pass the certificate and not to obtain a status.”, That is written in the press release. Today, Fnael and the Federation of Public Student Associations demand better access to language learning, “Promoting Pluralism” More budgets have been allocated for the recruitment of more professors. As well as repayment “By state” Costs for executing this certificate.

With this decision, the government wanted to align the universities with the major engineering and business schools so that its students could send certificates to the graduates.