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Why and how to train your staff in English?

Why and how to train your staff in English?

As you know, the budget is allocated each year by your OPCO to train your staff. You have a full range of options and the skills to pursue a successful career are varied.

Have you thought about making your employees better at English? English language is very important in different fields from a passion. So, if your employees are not bilingual yet, here are some good reasons to help them and how you can achieve it.

English: The most cosmopolitan language

German is not always the most widely spoken language in the world. But that was before. Today, English is the most widely spoken dialect on the planet. It is clear that Anglo-Saxon influence continued to be rooted in the late 18th century. This is due to the dominance of the United States, which has long been considered the world’s leading power.

Today, although this monopoly is questioned by other countries such as China or Russia, English remains a cosmopolitan language taught in all schools around the world.

Results? Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. It is behind Mandarin China. But with more than 1.4 billion people in the country alone, it is important to consider that the latter is highly represented. In other words, it is not mentioned beyond the Chinese borders.

Other languages ​​lag far behind, with Hindi in third place, spoken by only about 600 million people.

In conclusion, the use of English occupies an important place on all continents and is also considered the official diplomatic language (used to communicate with foreign countries).

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Which fields require proper English knowledge?

Businesses where English is compulsory

Of course, while English is essential in global communication, mastering it is more or less an important field. Here is a list of recommended occupations for having English speaking staff:

  • Travel : Those who are in constant contact with foreigners, workers working in the tourism sector should speak English to understand and communicate with customers. The main industries are catering staff, hotel staff, tour guides and all amusement parks.
  • Communication : The world of advertising and communication is full of situations where speaking English is essential.
  • Trade : If there is one function that is relevant to mention here, it is obvious that it is business. Speaking one or more foreign languages ​​is a big plus when you want to sell outside of France or attract investors from all over the world. However, English is obviously the No. 1 language for a proven trader.
  • The Internet development : The language of the code is universal and it is definitely English. So it is appropriate to speak the words to be a good web developer.
  • Air transport : Like the code, the aircraft has its own dialect and the latter is English. Not a good driver who does not speak English. The flight attendants must also speak this universal language well in order to communicate with passengers.
  • Human relations : During his mission, an HR must inevitably communicate in English with foreigners.

If your staff’s initial training does not allow them to get a B2 or C1 level in English, you may want to consider continuing training if they can exchange fluids and easily understand their potential speakers.

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There are two solutions to this:

  • Training in the form of an internship : Your employees go on internships for a while to attend intensive training and come back with new skills. It has the advantage of being fast and efficient.
  • Online training : Table-based, highly flexible, online training allows you to continue working with your employees and train them in parallel. You can very easily distribute the time you set aside to learn them. However, it is less effective than face-to-face training because it is a less direct method, but you can find training centers online superprof It offers English training for many levels.

Can you help train our staff in English?

Yes, companies provide a lot of assistance for the training of their employees. In fact, each year, your OPCO budgets to pay for courses organized by public or private organizations.

OPCO is a joint venture that operates capabilities. This means that it is responsible for collecting the company’s participation (up to 1% of the salary for structures with less than 10 employees) and redistributing them in the form of financing. Also, a certain amount is allocated for training in these.

Your rights depend on your activity, the number of employees you have and the OPCO you are affiliated with. There are 4 primary ones:

  • Constructions, for all building trades.
  • AGEFOS, for all trades in the tertiary sector.
  • FAFIEC, for the digital, events and consulting industries.
  • OPCA Transport for all businesses related to road, sea, rail or sea transport.

Therefore, to release funds for the training of your employees, you should contact someone concerned. Be careful, you must choose a company that is approved to open these types of rights, otherwise you will have to pay for foreign language courses out of your own pocket.

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