February 25, 2024


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In Trébeurden, the English twins have started again after the crisis – Trébeurden

In Trébeurden, the English twins have started again after the crisis – Trébeurden

The twin group with the English towns of Newton Ferrers and Nos Mayo held its General Assembly this Saturday, at the Maison de la Mer, in the presence of a dozen members.

Finally the birthday was celebrated

In her moral statement, President Yvonne Gillet returned to the impact of the pandemic in exchanges with English friends over the past two years. The duo’s 10th anniversary was celebrated two years late in 2022, and if it was relatively easy to resume operations on the French side with sixty members (73 in 2019), it was more difficult on the other side of the Channel. . A reduced delegation due to health problems came to celebrate the anniversary at the end of June and Andrew Mathews, the head of English, sent a message thanking him for “a wonderful weekend”.

Upcoming projects

In the 2022-2023 financial year, a trip to Newton Ferrers and Nath Mayo is planned for May, and the committee is looking for any proposals for other activities that year. English lessons by Muriel Migliavacca have resumed on October 3 in three levels, and you can still sign up. Yvon Guillot also recalls that “a scholarship for young people with a program in an English-speaking country remains open”. An operation targeting school students in the city is also planned and budget has already been allocated for it. Representative Municipal Councilor Karine Tobart informed the Assembly of the municipality’s plan to communicate about the twinning of the municipality during the Easter break. The English team is to make two tarpaulins which will be displayed at the Tresmoor procession.

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