March 1, 2024


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Carlos Tevez reveals why he doesn't want to learn English

Carlos Tevez reveals why he doesn't want to learn English

Carlos Tevez has given an emotional reason why he never learned English while playing in the Premier League.

Tevez, now 39, will retire in 2021 from the place where he started his career at legendary Argentinian club Boca Juniors. He played for West Ham, Manchester City and Manchester United in the Premier League, controversially crossing the Manchester Division in 2009.

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But he revealed in a new interview that he has a “cultural problem” with England because of what happened to his uncle during the Falklands War.

Speaking on Spanish-language radio station DSportsRadio, Tevez said: “I had a cultural problem with the English. I didn't want to learn English, I wanted them to learn Spanish. My uncle played at River Plate. He played. The reserve team and, he made his debut in the first team. Because of that, he was called to participate in the Falkland War. After that he suffered and became an alcoholic. This had a big impact on me because he was very close to me.

Tevez said that during his seven years in the Premier League he did not want to “get used to English culture” and was only there for the job. He told an Argentinian TV channel that when he was City captain, he didn't like everything that was happening in Manchester. He left the club in a moment of emotional turmoil.

In 2022, Tevez managed Argentine club Rosario Central for five months. Whether he will continue coaching remains to be seen.