July 14, 2024


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Caroline’s English Teaser is their debut album

Caroline’s English Teaser is their debut album

London Octet has released the music video for IWR and is announcing a debut album that will be released on February 25, 2022.

The British Caroline group, formed in early 2017 by Jasper Levelin, Mike O’Malley and Caspar Hughes, returns a few months later Skydiving on the roof of the library Announcement of the debut album on the new clipped track and Rough Trade (Snile Mail, Parcels, Curtis Harding).

After the start of the weekly development sessions, the London band decided to move on to private shows without the name of the actual band for more than a year. Today, all eight members share their diverse influences to bring to life singular, soft and mesmerizing folk music.

The band’s new single, IWR, It takes on its essence in a minimal ballad paused by notes of guitar, violin and bass. The clip (produced by the team members) features five dancers on a hilly terrain of saffron and colorful mountains, with no artwork or decorations.

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Mike O’Malley explains the reason behind this in a statement IWR : “Jasper sent home a lot of recorded guitar and vocal ideas, and one of them got stuck because it was a good vocal melody. We had an initial idea based on the guitar, and then we decided on a specific chord that this violin wall should come into play.” More close. ” We tested the idea and recorded the guitar as quietly as possible, with a mic placed next to it and the profit turned to maximum. ”

The band’s first album, starring John Murphy (Black Midi, Langham), will be available in regular format, and the 600 numbered vinyl version will be available in clear vinyl with a 7 ″ bonus from independent UK record stores. A unique audio and signature print.

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After completing her first UK tour, Carolyn will perform at the Purcell Sessions on January 15 at the Southbank Center in London and on February 25, 2022 at the Rough Trade East.

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