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Esbly: This association allows you to learn English as a family

Laura Bezon teaches English at her new club in Esbly. (© La Marne)

In October, Laura Besson formed English-speaking parents, the English Association for Families Espli (Sean and Marne) The purpose is to help adults who have difficulty accessing English training classes learn the language with their children.

In Esbly: Progress as a family

Laura Besson was a beginner in English a few years ago. Wanting to master the language, he initially returned to training, but their access was often difficult. He then tried to return to Facebook groups, but found nothing in the Val d’Europe area. Then he decided to create his own chat group.

By interacting with others, her level rose rapidly until she facilitated international discussion groups. Today, he wants to share his experience and language skills in the Val d’Europe field, as parents who like him do not always have access to training, but continue to learn:

One word calls another, you never stop learning, I learn again and again because I am interested.

Laura BessonPresident D ‘English-speaking parents

In addition, he wants parents between the ages of 2 and 11 to come with their children so they can learn too and they will “normally hear them speak English”. According to Laura Besson, the best way to learn English is to “be an actor in your learning.” To do this, he presents workshops around a theme and explains vocabulary words.

Then, a participant has to re-interpret the word, which allows him to integrate. Finally, to integrate it, it should be used: Laura Besson asks participants to tell stories using vocabulary from pictures. Being creative, he makes kids learn English through games because, according to him, “you want to learn vocabulary in a way that people want to learn English”.

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Many action plans

English-speaking parents are on Facebook, but also at the La Barque aux Livres d’Esbly bookstore.

Laura Bezon has partnered with a bookstore located in Place de l’Europe: Meetings for families are held on the first Sunday of each month from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. An adult session for € 18 with their children (பெற்ற 23 for both parents) includes a fun support (book, magazine, etc.) based on the English course and conversations.

The first meeting will take place on December 5 and will be open to three or four families, depending on the number of participants per family. Laura Bezon explains that the money received from participating families and members will help fund the sessions and help implement other large projects.

For example, she would like to arrange a trip to the UK with the firm’s members.

English speaking parents, [email protected], 06 23 70 13 97.

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