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English clubs are an obstacle to Wahid Hallilhotsik’s CAN program

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November 10, 2021 – 08:40 – Sports – Source: GA

In the weeks leading up to the Cameroon 2022 Cup of African nations, European clubs, especially English and Moroccan players, have been reluctant to release African international players. However, FIFA has demanded that African players playing in different championships be made available to their respective countries by December 27, but English clubs have not considered such a thing since boxing day.

England clubs want to provoke a confrontation between themselves, FIFA, CAF and the African Football Confederation. The newspaper reported that they would like their African players to stay in the UK to take part in the English Championships during the New Year celebrations. Al-Ahdat al-Maghribia.

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This scene is well known and creates great difficulties for African teams. But the African Football Confederation (CAF) disagrees and trusts FIFA to put pressure on Premier League clubs.

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This stubbornness of the English clubs is a blow to the Moroccan coach who was already unable to digest Youssef N-Nesiri’s muscle tear. Wahid Halilotsik refused to arrange a torture camp for CAN abroad to avoid contaminating any of these players Govt-19. He plans to do so in Morocco, and more precisely in Agadir and even planned a friendly match on December 31 on the lawn of the Adar Stadium in the same city.

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