April 24, 2024


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Cask beer has an English accent

Based on the Cossacks, an English couple created a beer brand. The story of a passion that almost became a profession.

1012 Impasse de Céré has a Brunel distillery in the Gasques, located in a magnificent stone house at the end of a long road. It took 10 years to restore the dilapidated building to the edge of an invisible cliff overlooking the Carrot Valley opposite the village of Cosques. In this beautiful setting, like the pronunciation of Bas-Quercy, Anna and Philip Brown have their own in English.

Horse-addicted brother and electrician Philip wanted to leave England for 20 years to enjoy a quiet, comfortable life in our region. They found a property for riding horses in the city of Casques.

From a young age, Philip always made beer for his own pleasure, for his own pleasure, for the enjoyment of his family, or for tasting with friends. He decided to get out of the anonymity by selling his modest product for three years, either through the “Click and Collect” application or on a site in Brunel. It naturally gave the bar its name. Since last August, only 75 cl bottles are available at the Valence d’Agen Market on Saturdays and the Tuesday Market in the summer. “This skill is perfect for an English pint!” Philip admitted jokingly. “The raw materials come from France. I hop on myself a little more. I can make a little more next year. , I can eat other types of beers to give new flavors “.

Casco Voice Brewer manufactures its own pyro-engraved wooden packaging boxes and original bottle openers based on horse shoes. The France-England match between the 6 nations on March 19 is the perfect opportunity to taste in moderation.

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The site (Bieres Brunel Gasques) and the site can be sold every Friday from 9am to 5pm or by calling 06 71 11 31 45.