May 23, 2022


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Caso shocked English listeners

Called by the Russ Millions on the “Reggae & Calypso” remix, Caso gave a terrific performance that resonated as far as the UK.

There are shows that are not neglected. While surprising the listener, Kasho knows how to do it. The rapper, who was very apt at the beginning of the year, was called by the English Russ Millions in the “Reggae & Calypso” remix. And at least what we can say is, he got his hands on the piece. With a ski mask on his forehead, Kaso uses his unstoppable tricks and his voice from beyond the grave to deliver a dontess verse that has already crossed the channel.

For days, a video of two Englishmen reacting to the piece has been circulating on the net. At Kaso’s entrance, something happens, looks and explodes causing one of them to lose his balance. “Who is this guy? (…) It sounds like French pop smoke. “Finally, when the rapper coughs at the end of his verse, the reaction culminates, with both friends screaming with satisfaction.

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Caso: Will the new album come out soon?

Although he recently announced his intention to end the collaboration, Gazo has never been so active. Dimal, DA Usi, Franklish or especially Dodge, for tracks already released this year. Recently, his label announced that his future album is over. Despite its latest announcement, we need to find collaboration with Tomso or English Head One and even Unknown D. In short, it promises.

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In the rest of the news, DA Uzi’s lawyer joins him on stage in surprise.