June 19, 2024


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Cinema: “The Rose” of English Secret Services during World War II

Cinema: “The Rose” of English Secret Services during World War II



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“La Roos” is set to hit theaters on Wednesday, April 27th. This spy film returns to the long secret chapter of World War II: One move, in 1943, allowed the Germans to go the wrong way of landing.

In 1943, to change the course of the war, the Allies prepared to land in Sicily, where the Germans were waiting. So to deceive the enemy on landing, the British secret services will imagine the incredible trick. Their weapon: A corpse disguised as an English officer, its plane would be Groove At sea and Carrier Misinformation. Picture TrickyIn theaters on Wednesday, April 27th, describes the meticulous arrangements. From this corpse, originally that of a homeless man, was found an identity, a life, a future wife and on him, secret documents intended to deceive the Nazis.

The real body was taken to a submarine and thrown into the water in Spain, which failed a few hours later. The Germans took the bait and facilitated their defense in Sicily, where the Allies landed in July 1943. They met little resistance there. Thousands of soldiers’ lives were saved in 1939 by a maneuver imagined by a particular Ian, a young officer in the Royal Navy. FlemingFather of James Bond.

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