May 29, 2024


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Condoms: English illustrator Perry Taylor at a signing session

Condoms: English illustrator Perry Taylor at a signing session

Under the spell of the Southwest, British illustrator Perry Taylor organized a signing session last Saturday.

Pascal Licari knew in advance that when Perry Taylor visited the Cité, visitors would flock there and crowd his bookshop. In this way, on Saturday morning, since 9:30, Perry Taylor’s “fans” have already lined up to receive the dedication of his new and 5th album titled “Plaisirs simples” published by Éditions Anglo-Gascon.

Sparkling and mischievous eyed, the British Gascon always wins.

Lovers of the region

Gascony’s charming ambassador has become a true Musketeer since entering the 64th chapter of the prestigious company of the Musketeers of Armagnac last September.

Falling in love with the South West region, his cartoons of “natives” and “chicken/duck” were also rejected on postcards or greetings, although sometimes caricature they were always beneficial.

Born in Oxford in the heart of England, after working as a graphic designer and art director for various advertising agencies in London and Amsterdam, Gascon left the heart of the city for the roar of the geese in 2004. With his keen and sharp eye on his adopted territory, his drawings are unanimous and each new album hits the mark with the public.

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