May 20, 2024


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ConFOLLANCE: A 25-year-old English musician creates a recording studio

ConFOLLANCE: A 25-year-old English musician creates a recording studio

The sudden death of Andrew, a former professor of astronomy and photography at the University of Manchester, who was struck by a heart attack in 2019, has put everything in question. “I went through painful times and wanted to sell because I could not see myself continuing alone.”, Recognizes Sue Davis, who was a public health researcher at the University of Liverpool. In the end, the farm house is not for sale, and the watchtower remains accessible (see box). The couple’s youngest son, Joe, 25, has decided to set up a professional music recording studio called Studio Aloyd in his home in Confol.

The young man, a versatile musician, holds a master’s degree from Salford University in Manchester.. “I followed this course of training in music composition but also in recording. This is the most complete and most recognized training, Underscores the 25-year-old musician, whose electronic console is as comfortable as being behind a guitar, keyboards or drum set. Jazz, Funk, Folk: He is a member of three groups with distinctive references to Black 2 Soul, flopjack and jazz creation.

Joe Davis is as comfortable on the drums as he is on the guitar or keyboard.


“Good acoustics”

“My idea with Studio Aloyd is to provide a complete recording studio. Incoming groups can stay on site, with up to eight people staying at our lodge; We provide the entire board. I can lend tools and they come out with a professional record. When musicians come here, they have to think about music., Adds Andrew, who forces himself to speak French, but still mixes the two languages. : “We have begun work to insulate the studio and ensure good acoustics.”

Since March, five groups have already come together to record songs, sometimes a complete album. Even registered in a church. Currently English organizations, like group MYØTO, “Inevitably I have more contacts with British bands, but I’m starting to look forward to being here in the region. I’m currently communicating via Instagram, my favorite channel in the music world.Adds Andrew who recognizes this as the creation of the studio “A dream takes shape.”

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