June 17, 2024


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The BTS team explains why they no longer want to sing in English

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Again, BTS makes the whole plant dance to the sound of its festive successes. The most famous group from the South Korean scene, the organization was first established in the world with songs in their own language, “DNA” or for example “Statue”. But with success in all four corners of the plant, all seven singers wanted to reach many more by singing in English. All three of their solos were successful because they were sung entirely in Shakespeare’s language. “Dynamite”, “Butter” Then “Permission to dance”, Breaking records, all topped the U.S. rankings. Despite this consistent success in the world, BTS members did not seem comfortable with the idea. In a long interview contract advertisement board, Doers “Life goes on” Make sure they no longer want to sing in English to be true to their goals.

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An “unnatural” idea

We can read in the American magazine, all members Do not accept that English is a good idea . According to RM, There is no alternative If the team wants to continue to win in 2020, despite the epidemic Canceling their world tour. The singer says he doesn’t want BTS to become a bigger group in American pop logic: I think we can’t join the mainstream [de la pop] American, neither do I. Our ultimate goal is to create a constant number of rotation positions there. But that’s it . For his part, Jin, it speaks to a small idea Against nature : The English I learned in school was very different from the English in the song. I had to destroy everything I learned . Finally, Shin Young-ji, the head of the Big Hit Music Label, considers these three singles to be the opposite in English. Testimony to the strengths of the team, how they can achieve a harmonious resolution and be attentive to the needs of the organization .

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In DJ 2019, RM believed this English-speaking thing in the columnsEntertainment Weekly : We do not want to change our identity or credibility in the first place. If we suddenly sang in English and changed other things, it would not be BTS. We will do everything, we will try. But if we don’t have one or five, that’s fine .