April 18, 2024


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Italians trampled, Germans, Spaniards and English rolled …

Italy were again drawn by Switzerland on Sunday night, as Spain, Germany, Belgium and England hosted beautiful attacking festivities against weaker opponents in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar.

A record, but some smiles on the Italian faces at the end of the draw were acknowledged in Switzerland: if Italy had worn the 36th consecutive match with a slightly unbeaten chain, a national team would never have seen it, and consistently stumbled on the Swiss team. Its successful Euro 2020. However, the European champions had a chance to win in Basel, but they fell on a brilliant Jan Sommer, who even stopped a penalty from Giorgino. Italy is lurking four points ahead of its Swiss dolphin.

England (last Euro finalist) has worked at home against moderate Andrews. Led by Manchester United winger Jesse Lingard, the dual writer, Three Lions, has been redesigned and can count on their center forward Harry Kane to score his 40th goal of the season from the penalty spot. Young Tobacco Saga added a header to make it 4-0. Gareth Southgate’s men continue the good movement they started during the Euros because they have won five of the many matches in these qualifiers, conceding just one goal for 17 points. Thanks to a card on the lawn of San Marino (7-1), Adam Buxa’s hat-trick and Robert Lewandowski’s double put Poland in second place in the group with just ten points.

In the battle between the first two of Group E, Belgium did not tremble against the Czech Republic, finishing first with six points more than its evening opponent. Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Alexis Salemakers put the powder talk on the Red Devils’ victory (3-0). Behind them, Wales has established itself, which owes a lot to its striker Gareth Bale: Real Madrid winger scored all three goals of the Welsh victory in Belarus (3-2) at the end of extra time last time, with two fewer matches, to keep his team one point away from 2nd.

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After a surprise defeat against Sweden (2-1) last Thursday, Spain thanked Georgia for the win (4-0). La Roja is one step ahead of the Scandinavians, however he has played two games less than him. Germany was dictatorial against Armenia, the first surprise in their group after four meetings. Hans-Dieter flick captures selection chair, offensive demonstration and victory in Stuttgart (6-0).

Successes or setbacks

Tonight, France, due to doubts and physical ailments (Corinthian Tolisso, N’Colo Conte and Kylian Mbabane are out with injuries), will get Finland in Lyon, skiing coach Didier Deschamps on the way to the World Cup 2022. Hanging from Ukraine last Saturday (1-1) The Kiev team was damaged by the 5th game in a row without winning, including Euro 2020. Also in their qualifying group, if the world champions are in the lead (9 points), the Finns are two games short of 2nd (5 points) as they progress at a turtle rate. At the pace of a historic first-round participation in the Euros in the recent summer, Qatar are ten times more interested in the fight against Finland who dream of a first place to qualify directly for the World Cup.

In addition, in the qualifiers for the South American zone, Lionel Messi and Neymar ended up reuniting with their picks, 5 minutes after the Brazil-Argentina match, which was very confusing on Sunday in Sao Paulo (yesterday in Lebanon). Posted. FIFA confirmed that the match was “suspended by a decision of the referee”, regardless of whether it will be postponed to a later date. She “regretted” this brutal stop and promised a decent “end”.

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Source: AFP

Italy was again drawn by Switzerland on Sunday night, as Qatar, Spain, Germany, Belgium and England hosted beautiful attacking festivals against weaker opponents in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar. A record, but at the end some smiles on Italian faces …