July 23, 2024


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Is English soon the official language of Helsinki?

Is English soon the official language of Helsinki?

The mayor of the Finnish capital wants English to become the official language of his city. According to him, this is a way for qualified workers to be less afraid of language difficulties.

The Finland, I mean, Finnish, a very complex language, with its fifteen grammatical cases and long words, it really scares foreign workers and students. According to the US State Department, it takes forty-four weeks or 1,100 hours to reach an acceptable level. It’s more than half that of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic, but it really is a lot!

According to Periods, Most companies already require job applicants to speak at least Swedish and English, while a third of graduates leave the country after one year due to language problems associated with Finnish. Finland may have given the world the Nokia, 5G and Linux system, which was particularly difficult to attract and retain, especially in the field of artificial intelligence and telecommunications.

To rectify this situation, Juhana Vardienen, former deputy mayor of Helsinki, wants the official language of the capital to be English, while Finland’s two official languages ​​are Finnish and Swedish and the authorities are fluent in them. “Helsinki may become an English-speaking city, not a city where English-speaking people have to speak Finnish or Swedish. We need labor migration.” The city councilor explained in columns in the local newspaper News, The British newspaper reports. He also recommends a great educational offer in English so that skilled workers are not afraid to settle with their families. His proposal seems realistic because 70% of the Finnish population already speaks English well.

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