June 18, 2024


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Crisp shortage of visibility in English supermarkets after cyber attack

TheAcross the channel, it’s a dream come true for Crisps fans. KP Snacks, the company that claims to sell “the most popular snacks in the country,” explained in a statement that its computer system was down: “On Friday, January 28, we learned that we were unfortunately the victims of a ransomware attack. Expected to last.The UK shelves will soon run out of packs of Tyrrells, Skips, Hula Hoops and Mccoy’s, Reports DefenderThursday, February 3rd.

These “ransomware” attacks cause delivery problems that are expected to last “until the end of March” because “orders cannot be processed and goods cannot be shipped safely”. Hackers are needed Payment of redemption amount Substantial. Otherwise, stolen information from confidential files will be released.

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Crisp for cyber security

KP Snack has announced that it will limit orders to better manage existing reserves. According to cybersecurity firm Mimcast, this blow is “a new example of the real effects of ransomware” and the latter “becoming more common”. Carl Vern, head of their risk assessment, described Defender “An average of 3,000 ransomware attacks in the last two years, four attacks a day” have targeted UK businesses.

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