June 18, 2024


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Do you know what language these words came from?

Quiz – Many foreign languages ​​have promoted French words. Can you find them?

What is the etymology of the word “Eggplant”? And who “Yogurt”? We see these words every day, but we often overlook their etymology! From German to Russian through Portuguese, French was developed into many foreign languages ​​besides Latin and Greek.

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During maritime conquests and culinary discoveries, French was enriched with new words. Thus we derived this word from the Spanish language “Casco”I.e. “Skull” But “Head”Giving our rise “Helmet”This is what we call much “Leadership” In the Middle Ages.

Let’s take another example, where does this word come from “Bank”? The bank appeared under the influence of Italy in the 16th century. The starter that even gave it its name “Bank”. She was then “The desk of the money changer or trader, the place of transport, the trade of money”. For your pencils!

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