June 22, 2024


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Editorial by Henry Kieber: An English Novel

“Global Britain” is a slogan that Boris Johnson acquired for his usual talent communication, but it is not his. Appeared after the 2016 Brexit referendum, in response to Theresa May’s concern to provide a strategic perspective for her country’s military after she left Europe. This is a very old concern as British leaders have realized the need to keep the UK anchored with the European Union at birth if it wants to continue to influence the world in the midst of the Cold War. , Which, in 1967, led to the first attempt at British membership, was rejected by General de Gaulle. London understood its influence in the international arena with the fact that it should be Washington’s best ally and a stronghold on the continent. So there is no question of allowing the Europeans to organize themselves without Great Britain, even if it means knocking on the club’s door several times. Now that she is out of it, she can no longer play this historic role. In the absence of a credible alternative, the current owner of 10 Downing Street has found an answer to much of the novel in the idea of ​​”Global Britain”. Thanks to Brexit, as its campaigners point out, the UK will no longer be a “concession” not only between the US and Europe, but also between these two camps and China. With the success of the vaccine against Govt, Brussels’ new flexibility, technology and science, freed from the burden, will enable a fruitful partnership in its strengths. The only question is, not slim: America, Europe and China, do they still need an English translator to talk to each other?

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