July 22, 2024


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Education: 12,000 PE teachers and 4,100 English language teachers benefit from qualification training

Education: 12,000 PE teachers and 4,100 English language teachers benefit from qualification training

Exams will be held on time

More than 12,000 new Physical Education and Sports (EPS) teachers and nearly 4,100 English language teachers will benefit from in-service training from Thursday to September 18 in anticipation of the next school year.

Central Inspector of the Ministry of National Education Izad Belabas told APS that the training will cover several modules such as school education system, school law, psychology, didactics of EPS, planning, classroom management techniques, instructional practice and instructional evaluation. treatment.

Thus, the speaker continues, “12,877 PE teachers will undergo a 10-day qualification training from Thursday, which will be imparted by experts in the field (PE Inspectors of Secondary Education) in the provinces.

The training of teachers in this new subject was formalized in the cycle of primary education, and the Ministry arrived on September 4 in Plaida for a “national center” training of 60 inspectors of the cycle of secondary education. After being supervised by qualified inspectors in the field to carry out this work, it will be distributed to all Directorates of Education in the country, he said.

The introduction of this subject in the educational system was done by the President Mr. Abdelmadjid Debon, at a Council of Ministers meeting on April 16, comes under the decision to recruit 12,000 PE teachers with university degrees. Supervision of school sports in special and primary schools, as well as creation of Directorate General of School Sports at Ministry level.

The spokesperson added that to realize this initiative, the Ministry of National Education must coordinate all “material and human conditions to achieve the desired goals, especially in terms of places provided for sports training at the level of all schools”. across the national territory with a structure dedicated to this purpose”, and the adaptation of programs of this course by experts.

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Training for 4,144 new teachers will begin on Thursday through middle school inspectors on teaching English.

Mr. Belappas also announced “the preparation of the school curriculum, the development of the handbook, its printing and distribution.”

Finally, the central examiner recalled the criteria for selection of new teachers in these two subjects, i.e. resident of the same municipality and seniority of diploma.