July 23, 2024


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Shaking Up the Music Biz: Premium Data, Pocket-Friendly Price

Shaking Up the Music Biz: Premium Data, Pocket-Friendly Price

In an industry often challenged by gatekeepers and exorbitant fees, Viberate is leading the charge to democratize access to high-quality music analytics. Offering a wide array of data services for an unbeatable price of just $9.90 per month, Viberate is leveling the playing field for indie labels and emerging artists alike.

The company’s stated mission encapsulates their commitment: “Creating a more inclusive music business by making high-quality data affordable for every industry professional.” Formerly priced at $129, Viberate has slashed its rates to offer premium music analytics that won’t break the bank.

Comprehensive Coverage Across Multiple Channels

Viberate specializes in analytics that scrutinize more than one million artists across various channels such as streaming platforms and social media. The outcome? Valuable insights for informed business decisions. Their one-stop platform aggregates metrics specific to channels like Spotify and TikTok, delivers data-infused charts, and even provides indispensable tools for talent discovery.

Viberate facilitates better decision-making for those in the professional sphere of the industry. As described by Viberate themselves, they provide a single platform that captures and evaluates various facets of the music business—from artists and songs to festivals, playlists, and record labels. This holistic strategy turns data from streaming and social platforms into practical knowledge, enabling you to uncover new musical talents, oversee your talent pool, strategize promotional efforts, or compile business summaries with greater efficiency.

An In-Depth Look at Spotify Analytics

One feature that’s garnering particular attention is the company’s Spotify analytics. Viberate exhaustively studies the streaming performance of each artist active on Spotify. You’ll find a plethora of data here, ranging from monthly listeners and follower counts to stream numbers and playlisting details. The platform conveniently allows you to scrutinize an artist’s entire Spotify history, look into daily data, and even provides a geographical breakdown of monthly listeners by country and city.

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Unveiling the Power of Playlist Analyzer

Viberate’s playlist analytics offers a microscopic look into an artist’s playlist performance on Spotify. The playlist analyzer identifies every playlist featuring the artist and pinpoints the playlists and songs that are performing exceptionally well. You can also track playlist reach and monitor the number of active playlists over time to assess the impact of new song or album releases.

What sets Viberate apart is their comprehensive chart of over 12 million playlists. A useful tool for artists and industry professionals, it enables you to discover playlists that best suit an artist’s genre and career stage. The range of sorting choices is genuinely broad. You have the ability to refine playlists based on musical genre, categorization (such as indie selectors, editorial lists, algorithm-driven options, etc.), how popular the songs are, and even their launch dates. For example, if you’re in search of Pop playlists managed by indie curators that boast no fewer than 10,000 followers and include at least 30% freshly released tracks, Viberate is equipped to meet your needs.

Ranking and Talent Discovery Features

The platform also provides a robust ranking system where artists can be compared on Spotify through country-specific, genre-specific, and performance filters. Viberate emphasizes that their Chart feature is revolutionary for talent discovery, enabling A&Rs to find and evaluate emerging talent more efficiently. You can even save different filtering options and revisit the data later, ensuring the information you need is always within reach.

If you are invested in the world of music analytics, Viberate’s pioneering platform, with its affordable yet premium services like Spotify analytics and playlist analyzer tools, is undoubtedly worth exploring.

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