July 22, 2024


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Educational program in Armenian and English

Interactive children’s book LET‘S go TO Tea leaf Museum ! (let’s go AT MUSEE !) from the Cafesgian Center for the Arts (CCA) is now available in English.

Children’s book LET‘S go TO Tea leaf Museum !, dedicated to 20e Anniversary of Cafesjian Museum Foundation, published in Armenian for the first time in December 2022. This book is now available in English which has attracted great interest and demand from children and adults alike. This will make this colorful and fascinating book about art and museums accessible to a wider audience.

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Finding the Heroes of “Let’s Go to the Museum” ! The educational program of the book is implemented in the Interactive Study Center CCADesigned for children over 6 years of age. Apart from publishing the book in English, the center also launched an educational program in English. On request, the educational program will also be implemented for Russian-speaking participants.

Interactive and educational book LET‘S go TO Tea leaf Museum ! Arousing interest not only for children but also for their parents. The goal of the book is to teach children about art through the artwork on display at Cafesgeon Art Center. The captivating content of the book, enriched with interactive games, makes this central publication even more unique.

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book LET‘S go TO Tea leaf Museum ! Available at Museum Shop CCA In Armenian and English.

Participation in the educational program is free, upon pre-registration.

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