April 20, 2024


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Empire English Age 4, Bonus and Unique Units – Breakflip

In Age of Empires 4, you can play with different countries with their unique bonuses and units. In this guide, we are interested in English.

Age of Empires4 Will be released soon as it will be available on PC starting Thursday, October 28th. Within the title, it is possible to play with 8 countries, all of which have their own bonus, but also have unique units.

Of these, we find it to be one of the simplest civilizations to play with, and especially one of the most admired civilizations by players. English.

British bonus at Age of Empires 4

There are various interesting bonuses including Englishmen in the game The price of farms is reduced Gives you substantial food quickly. You also have access To the Chateaux network Connects your forums, outposts, towers and dungeons to take advantage of the attack speed bonus of units adjacent to these buildings. In addition, they have a unique unit, Long bow infantryman It will be one of the best units in the game.Finally, it should be noted Your forums shoot arrows twice.

Distinctive units of the British during the Empire4

The British, like other nations, can be trusted Distinctive units, To know:

  • The villagers are strong and have short curves Allows you to attack enemies or opposing villagers, but destroy the animals very easily
  • Armed Vanguard men are available in the dark ages, I.e. from the beginning of the game
  • Long bow infantryman Long-range archer who can maintain defensive policy, making them more effective against the cavalry
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While waiting to discover this civilization, don’t forget that Age of Empires 4 will be released on PC this Thursday, October 28th.