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How much English to work abroad?

How much English to work abroad?

Published on March 11, 2024

• Updated May 31, 2024

Elena Coutinho

Are you dreaming of building your career abroad but wondering what level of English is required to work in an English-speaking country? You are in the right place! digiSchool explains the different levels of English and what it takes to do business abroad.


Different levels of English

In your online English test results or TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS score grids, you can constantly notice different levels of English. We are specifically talking about the abbreviations A1, A2, B1, B2.

These positions correspond to a European Language Proficiency Scale Developed by CEFR (Common European Framework for Languages). In English, we talk about CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

This scale is divided into 3 general levels, which correspond to the following letters:

  • A: Basic user;
  • B: independent user;
  • C: Experienced user.

These three levels are divided into 6 levels:

  • A1: Introductory or discovery stage;
  • A2: intermediate or survival stage;
  • B1: threshold level;
  • B2: advanced or independent level;
  • C1: autonomous level;
  • C2: Proficiency level.

To understand your condition, you need to evaluate it with tests.

Knowing your English language is very useful, especially for your future career. When you are responding to a job offer, you will often be asked what your level of English is. So it is essential to have a proper idea of ​​your knowledge.

There are different methods to assess your English level:

Take the online test

This method is not completely official, it does not certify your level, but allows you to give an overall idea of ​​​​your knowledge of the language.

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This can be useful for your own interest or to mention in your CV. However, often, A Certificate It is essential to verify your skills with a company.

Get an official certificate

These certificates are necessary to certify your status. There’s a lot more:

  • The TOEIC Listening and Reading : This language test measures written and verbal skills in everyday life but also in a professional environment. Beyond 785 points obtained, i.e. level C1, your level is considered sufficient to work abroad.
  • The IELTS : It is the most recognized test internationally. Specifically aimed at international students, it allows you to certify your status. If your score is between 7 and 8, level C1, you’re ready!
  • selection Literacy : Formerly known as “BULATS”, this test assesses your skills in everyday situations and the working world to check your knowledge of professional English. If you get more than 180 points, your level is C1.

There are several tests that allow you to certify your status. We are thinking specifically, TOEFL or Cambridge test.

What status is required to work abroad?

Mentioning your TOEIC test status in your CV is a real plus when you want to work abroad. However, finding a job abroad does not require bilingualism. There are a variety of opportunities that do not require a very advanced level, including:

  • Jobs that do not require direct contact with customers;
  • Harvesting, plucking and other seasonal work fields are often enriching experiences;
  • Catering departments, especially in season.

So, if your condition between A1 and B1, do not panic! Now is the time to get started and learn at your own pace.

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Especially if your condition is more advanced between B1 and B2You can occupy positions related to customers Because it will be easier for you to have a smooth conversation.

Finally, if your position is between B2 and C1, all doors are open before you! However, you need to certify your status to work in a multinational company. Specifically, you can pass TOEIC Where TOEFL.

What level of English is required in business?

Depending on the career you choose and the tasks you need, the required language level may not be the same.

Some companies a Level B2 Minimal requirement and may be sufficient for some tasks. However, going to a level is preferable C2.

To work effectively in an organization abroad, it is necessary to have skills at a certain levelProfessional English (or Business English). To get an early start on your learning, learn about the vocabulary of your target career.

Thank you for your purchaseProfessional EnglishYou can express yourself fluently in the professional field and be able to:

  • conduct a conversation or telephone call;
  • write email;
  • lead or participate in meetings;
  • Have to travel for work.

As you understand, it is important to be comfortable in speaking and writing and to know professional English to do your job effectively and efficiently.