June 25, 2024


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Video – English restaurateurs want to break down negative stereotypes about their cuisine (and succeed pretty well)

A dozen British restaurants have opened in Paris in the past five years.
From gastronomy to street food, English chefs fight negative preconceptions about their cuisine.
According to French customers interviewed by TF1, this culinary attack seems to be working.

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You know just fish and chips? This chef wants you to discover his Scotch Eggs, Cumberland Sausage Roll or his Braised Beef Pie. British chef Calum Franklin opened his restaurant in March public house In the second arrondissement of Paris. Similarly, over a dozen British restaurants have opened in the capital in the past five years.

“It’s wonderful”, satisfied customers met in the report at the top of the article. Those who had preconceived notions about cooking from across the channel have been proven wrong. The chef notes that clichés about English food have been forgotten here, as around the world: “Things have changed in recent years. There are more star chefs in the UK. We even have three stars now. So the world’s view of British food has changed.”

A sandwich shop is enticing with bags

Success is not reserved for gastronomic addresses. In the eleventh arrondissement of Paris, A British sandwich shop Special “Magpies”, meat or vegetable slices, and have many fans. Chef David-John Kelly knows the secret: “It’s good quality, it’s not industrial, it’s homemade.”

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Blogger Hélène Picken, with her site specializing in these recipes, also noted the need to convey to readers the quality of British gastronomy: “To them, English food is a little bland, tasteless food, but when they start tasting British home-cooked food, they change their minds.”, she believes. Will you allow yourself to be tested?

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