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English is a second language for Tom

English is a second language for Tom

Tom Echelier retries the jukebox adventure, organizing a music competition jhm event. At 21, he now wants to introduce people to the unique universe he has created, where he talks about planets and mental health.

Tom Echelier is a young 21-year-old artist, an optician in Nancy and originally from Chaumont. Passionate about music, he thought to himself “What if I try the jukebox again? “. In 2019, he had already applied, then at the age of 16, he lost during the semi-final exam.

Five years later, he is still an English candidate with a sharp pen. “Everything I write is autobiographical, it goes through my head, and eventually, it’s good therapy, and I have to turn it all out,” he declares.

He started playing guitar at the age of 6. “I made my first scene in a choir at Hot-Morning. » This is how the story began, and young Tom’s fate was all mapped out later.

Later attending the Maison des jeunesse et de la cultural de Chaumont (MJC), he became even more interested in music. Influenced by her older sister, Line Echelier, she recorded her latest work, “Hidden by the Moon” (“Cache pour la lune” in French) with her, driven by her musical passion and family exchanges. American punk rock group Green Day was one of his many models.

A clever combination

His style? Pop rock borders on alternative rock. To create a piece, he starts with his guitar, then “records the tunes and then figures out the lyrics”. All of this takes shape and is a clever cocktail that he mixes in his software.

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Tom Echelier is 21 years old, but took his first steps in music at the age of six.

So far, he has booked three projects. “Abelian”, named after the farthest point from the Sun. The latest is “Eclipse”, released last March and it evokes different elements of space, a part of light and shadow. A work created over two years, where he left with 20 songs in his bag, but he only kept nine songs. According to him, “It was easier to do it in English, allowing me to express everything I wanted.” In his speeches, “(He) has no specific message to convey, I am talking about mental health and the search for identity. You must learn to know yourself. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a piece of music. In the end, all the feedback he got was positive, “It’s something I’ve worked on a lot”. So can you say this is an album of maturity? It’s a little early to ask this question. He wants to grow gradually. “My ambition: My ambition is to make a living from music. I love sharing with people, bringing them together and making them a little happier. »

Haute-Marne “is where it all started, I grew up here, it’s always in my heart”, he adds. So there is only one step between our field and Aphélion? This is an interesting question to ask.

He will perform on stage at the Nancy Music Festival on Friday, June 21. At the same time, he will continue to write and promote his latest album “Eclipse” so that, as he says, “as many people as possible can see it”.

Now it’s up to him to play!

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Tom Echelier released “Eclipse” last March. Nine topics where she talks about herself and mental health.