June 25, 2024


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English for Bachelors 2024: Progress, Coefficient… Everything you need to know

English for Bachelors 2024: Progress, Coefficient… Everything you need to know

English in Bachelor’s degree?

Yes, there is English in the Bachelor! But the reform changed the assessment methods. From now on, on the General Track, Modern Languages ​​A and B are assessed through continuous assessment in the first and final years. Continuous assessment accounts for 40% of the average undergraduate grade and makes it possible to assess students’ skills over time rather than in a single exam.

In the first year, English is assessed on comprehension and written expression by writing a statement on one or two papers, in either English or French. In the final year, assessment takes place in several stages: a written assessment of 1h30, an individual oral assessment of ten minutes, then at the end of the final cycle, again a written assessment of 1h30 and an oral assessment of ten minutes.

What is the coefficient for English in Baccalaureate?

In the Baccalaureate, Modern Languages ​​A and B each have a coefficient of 3 for the first year and 3 for the final year, for a total coefficient of 6. This coefficient is valid for continuous assessment. This is an important coefficient (especially equivalent to history-geography and science education), because the total coefficients of compulsory courses for continuous assessment is 40.

There is no oral English exam in the final bachelor’s exam, unless you choose the Foreign and Regional Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLCER) specialization in the first and final year, your assessment will be a written test lasting 3h30, and an oral one, lasting 20 minutes. We will assess your oral expression, your oral communication, correctness and richness of language.

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What level of English should you have in your final year?

If English is your LVA, the target level in the final year is B1/B2 on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). B2 corresponds to written expression with excellent mastery of simple and general structures, the ability to construct a narrative or argument, and the production of clear and detailed writing. Orally, you can make a relevant point of view, argue, and try to convince, and pronunciation does not hinder comprehension.

If you are an independent candidate for a bachelor’s degree, if you are not taking courses at any institution or if you are taking courses at a non-contractual private educational institution, you will be invited to assess your English level once. . One assessment at the end of the final year and two assessments, one at the end of the first year and the other at the end of the final year in the first and final year programme.