July 21, 2024


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England fans were tracked down by German police for chanting about World War II

England fans were tracked down by German police for chanting about World War II

We agree, we do not want to consolidate the security system for the Serbia-UK poster. It’s a solemn challenge the German authorities will enjoy this Sunday (9pm) at the Weltins-Arena, as Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions enter the clash “under the highest security” during Euro 2024. in Gelsenkirchen. Liquor has been banned in some parts of the city and border controls have been tightened.

One song in particular has been one of the key points of tension in recent days between the German police and the large number of English supporters already there (35,000 British fans are expected to turn up this Sunday evening!). Historically sung by British schoolchildren during World War II, it has continued to be chanted on the sidelines of national team football matches over the years, but it takes on a more special meaning as the match takes place in Germany.

The English federation is ready to get back the fans’ seats

Explained by Daily MailSupporters were filmed singing in Gelsenkirchen and Düsseldorf Ten German bombers (Ten German Bombers), to the well-known tune of our nursery rhyme She comes down from the hill. Clearly, in the lyrics, it says in VF: “There were ten German bombers in the sky, and the English Royal Air Force (RAF) shot one down”, and so on. So intoxicated by the ritual, German police warned Three Lions supporters not to play the song again during Euro 2024.

“Our countries have been allies for more than seven decades,” said Gelsenkirchen police chief Peter Both. Likewise, the English FA wanted to warn a core group of England fans: “We hope our supporters keep in mind the importance of representing England properly abroad”.

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In all caution: The FA must withdraw match tickets from any supporter who exhibits “unacceptable behaviour”. too Gareth Southgate stepped up to the plate During Euro 2021 in England, where his team lost the final against Italy on penalties: “This is unacceptable. We have left that era behind. People who do this do not represent us as a team.