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England MP to take Chelsea from Roman Abramovich

February 24, 2022 at 5:15 p.m. By Emanuel Bernard

The Western world is mobilizing Russia and its sympathizers to seize all possible resources.

This Thursday morning, the world will no longer be back Within hours of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the midst of turmoil and fear, the international community sought to pay its full weight to avoid a war in which the possible consequences in the Western world are not yet known. Everything is an excuse to control Putin’s rage in the UK. A Member of Parliament today proposes the withdrawal of the Chelsea club from its owner, Roman Abramovich..

Abramovich refuses to buy Chelsea under Putin’s pressure

If he denies it, he will maintain a close relationship with the President of Russia. A year ago, Abramovich sued a book publisher, A book says he bought the London club under Putin’s pressure. This Thursday, a British MP, Chris Bryant, started at the European Champions Club and demanded the confiscation of the oligarchy’s assets.

In response to the Russian attack, Blues’ boss “seizes some property”

“Mr. Abramovich can no longer own a football club in this country. We need to consider seizing some of his assets, including his £ 152m home, and making sure that others who hold such Tier 1 visas are not involved in malicious activities in the state. -United “, Rhonda’s Labor MP, writes on the Twitter network, after making the same speech to MPs. Roman Abramovich captured Chelsea in 2003, last season his club won the Champions League, the main club competition on the Old Continent.

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