July 22, 2024


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England-South Africa: England’s Tom Curry has accused South Africa’s Bongi Mbonambi of insulting racism.

After about half an hour of play, the England flanker went to referee Ben O’Keefe when play was stopped, and after a tackle by Bongi Mobonambi, both players lay on the ground for several minutes. English media reported that the exchange with the referee was recorded through his microphone. “Sir, sir, what shall I do if their hooker calls me a white bastard?”asks Tom Curry. “Nothing, please.”replied Ben O’Keefe “I’ll see to it”.

Asked after the match if there was a problem with Bongi Mbonambi’s comments, Tom Curry replied: “yes”Add that “It’s not worth talking about.” The South African hooker apparently refused to shake hands at the final whistle.

The day after the match, the South African Rugby Union issued a press release confirming it “We are aware of the allegation and we are taking it very seriously.” “We are reviewing the available evidence. If there is anything to substantiate the allegation, we will contact Bongi.”, we can read in this document. For their part, the English have until Monday morning to contact rugby officials.

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