June 18, 2024


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English and Welsh towards neglect

Although the European Rugby Cups are set to resume next weekend after the chaotic end of 2021, English and Welsh clubs have decided not to come to France because of the health rules imposed on them.

Will European rugby trophies return to normal? The EPCR recently announced that the second day of the group stage of the two Continental matches was disrupted by the corona virus, with many matches being canceled and many postponed, with everything scheduled for the next two days scheduled to take place on the 3rd and 4th. Weekends. However, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, In the end it should not be. In fact, the Department of Sports recently confirmed that visitors from the United Kingdom must respect “compulsory 48-hour isolation”. English and Welsh clubs have informed the EPCR of their intention to boycott travel to France, Pointing out that there are currently no barriers to entry into British territory and the failure to obtain exemptions from French authorities.

I don’t want to respect isolation in Newcastle

All stakeholders are currently in talks to find a solution. However, as Daily Mail, The probability of seeing levels develop over time is close to zero. If the threat from the English and Welsh clubs is confirmed, at least three games will be affected from next weekend. In fact, the Biarritz should welcome Newcastle into the Challenge Cup this Friday, and in this Sunday’s Champions Trophy, they should challenge the Bordeaux-Beckles Scarlets and welcome the sale of Clermont. However, everything points to the fact that the Balkans would not go to the Basque country rather than challenge the BO. In fact, in accordance with the health instructions for the letter, the club in Newcastle are due to arrive in Fearitz on Wednesday, but the trip is currently only scheduled for this Friday, meaning the duty to respect the morning and isolation of the match is required. Will be canceled. Francophile, Falcons rugby director Dean Richards, mentioned the idea of ​​staying in France between matches between Biarritz and Toulon, but the financial cost of such an operation poses an insurmountable problem.. If the situation remains the same, the four matches of Day 4 will be related to Racing 92-Northampton, which will be added to Toulouse-Cardiff, Montpellier-Exeter and Toulon-Newcastle. There is therefore an urgent need for the EPCR to find a solution to prevent its competition from turning upside down again.

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