June 25, 2024


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Video. RUGBY. Has proficiency in our English, 17 kicks and a cat in a row!

In France, Many would have slept in front of their TV screen, but inside England Kicking is king! We were able to realize this during the championship meeting with the Bedford Blues Jersey Reds on December 27th. During the game, a sequence to correctly describe the English game. A moment shifted to Wimbledon, with the backs of both teams sending the ball back for rugby table tennis.

With 17 kicks exchanged in a row, the defensive lines had time to polish their heat before looking closely at the skin again. If the thighs, calves and other lower muscles were used, the hands would obviously have time to cool down. Or one of the Bedford players already imagining his feet under the duvet. Anyway, the latter goes ahead for the 17th (hence the final) artillery shot. The exchange may be rare, and it (logically) does not please all fans. An English rugby union player used this surreal streak to attack XV’s neighbor. Social Websites. He says: “William Webb Ellis took the ball and ran. Someone has to explain this to a rugby union player. XIII Why do people watch this when they have a good athletic performance on the field? ” It is difficult to contradict him for this occasion, one would say without a doubt that this opinion is a fair game.

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