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English bar owner in Denmark says whoever wins will have a football party – Marseille News

Steven Carpenter stays true to his roots for England’s conflict against Denmark, he plans on his liquor stores in Denmark (Photo: Steven Carpenter / ப்tipsytoatub)

A British bar owner in Denmark says whoever wins the Wembley clash will have a roaring dinner tonight.

Southampton-based Steven Carpenter is set to screen more than 100 fans at the Tipsy Todd Bubble in Odense for the Euro 2020 semi-finals tonight.

He supports England at historic pace in Wembley, and will celebrate with a drop from his own bar if the Three Lions win.

The wife of a Danish foreigner will join most of her clients to cut roots in their home country in the country’s third largest city.

However, 42-year-old Steven says he is one of Denmark’s “Rolligans” – fans who celebrate quietly regardless of the consequences.

Steven and brewer Stein and his wife show off all the Euro games at Tipsy Todd and another location near the city center, Beer Seller. With a spot on the final call, he has raised stocks tonight, and he has taken on a number of challenges with his Danish staff.

Steven Carpenter behind the bar in the beer cellar Flacovan, where there will be a party regardless of the score (Photo: Steven Carpenter / @tipsidotop)

The Southampton fan said: “There was a wonderful atmosphere during the euro, especially a lot of London and Irish working here.

“The best thing about watching the game in Denmark is that it will always be a party no matter what the outcome. It’s not like the bad old days, just say ‘okay party’ if your page loses.

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“We have a word called Rolligans, which roughly translates to ‘quiet hooligans’. If things go wrong for your team, you always celebrate.

Serving about 100 fans at Tipsy Todd, the beer cellar is part of a larger space called Flaccoon, which also includes a restaurant, where a total of 300 people will meet if allowed.

But all of the good humor ends before the midnight curfew order. If England win at Wembley tonight, Steven, the owner of Demonology Brewing, will be shut down and offered some IPA beer called The Great Dane, which he brewed along with another liquor.

The tax collector traveled the world from Southampton 20 years ago, meeting his fiance in Denmark and doing several jobs as a security guard and quiz master at a bubble before opening The Dipsy Tod.

Employees get excited about the Union Jack football party at the Dipsy Todd Bubble in Odense, Denmark (Photo: Steven Carpenter / ப்tipsytoatub)
Employees immerse themselves in a football banquet under the Union Jack banners at the Tipsy Todd Bubble in Odense, Denmark. Left to right: Staff Jorn, Rasmus, Kim and Thomas Akka Igi (Photo: Steven Carpenter / ப்tipsytoatub)

Fans from different countries shared their interest in the game at Tipsy Todd Bubble (Photo: Steven Carpenter / @tipsytoatub).
Fans from different countries shared their interest in the game at Tipsy Todd Bubble (Photo: Steven Carpenter / ப்tipsytoatub).

“There has been a great situation over the last two weeks and people are showing off their replica tools,” he said.

“Everyone firmly believes that Denmark will do this job, however people are surprised, they have gone so far.

Football Football - Euro 2020 - Quarterly - Czech Republic v Denmark - Baku Olympic Stadium, Baku, Azerbaijan - July 3, 2021 Danish supporters enter the stadium before the pool match via REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko
Danish fans known as the Rolligans will feast on their team’s Euro 2021 clash with England regardless of the outcome (photo:., File image)

“It simply came to our notice then. Although I am for England, I think both teams can go all the way.

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“Here in Denmark, people don’t blame others if they celebrate their team’s defeat, so there will always be a party.

“It’s a wonderful time to enjoy football.”

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