June 18, 2024


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UK-Denmark: The Danish press is angry, the English are happy

There are more failures than others. Removed at 1/2 of the Euro If the questionable fines and overtime are discussed, Denmark may be legally frustrated by its failure. This Thursday morning, the Danish media unleashed on the referee. “We were abused,” coach Caspar Hullmond said after the meeting, adding that Extra Plated and P.T. Both newspapers certainly mentioned Having two balloons on the ground. The Gilllands Boston newspaper wanted to unite the divergent reactions of supporters on social media: “After that, the British wonder why no one wants their country. They even whistled our anthem, ”a fan recalled on Twitter.

On the TV channel page, DR repeatedly aired a video of Caspar Schmeichel stunned by the laser shortly before Harry Kane’s sentence. Fair After the game, The programming channel of the TV2 meeting called on three referees as advisers to understand that there was nothing wrong with Rahim Sterling.

The British press is delighted

On the other side of the channel, English newspapers feasted. Times, “England makes history” 55 years after their coronation During the 1966 World Cup. Chances are the newspapers will have a little fun. “Can you believe it? The Daily Mail laughs. In order to make fun of Carlsberg’s Danish beer motto, the sun is very teasing by evoking “the best feeling in the world”. We will now meet with Italy on Sunday evening for the title.

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