July 22, 2024


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English courses for dedicated singers

English courses for dedicated singers

Music. Three hundred singers will take part in a big concert in Chamonix on May 5. The theme music is West Side Story. Singers were given English lessons to prepare for singing in Shakespearean language.

Launched by the Conservatoire Musicale de France and “A Cœur Joie”, it supports the choir, with around 300 singers from twelve different choirs in four departments: Jura, Côte-d'Or, Saint-et-Loire and of course Haute-Marne. On May 5th, a spectacular concert is planned at Chaumont on the grounds of the Palaestra.

The theme chosen was the popular musical comedy West Side Story and the complexity of bringing all these beautiful people together added to Shakespeare's mastery of language, which should be encouraged to perform this iconic play as closely as possible.

Last Saturday January 13th and for two days, the vocal groups Les Trimazos and Noire Pointée pour la Haute-Marne practiced English music at the Chaumont Music Conservatory in an initiative of Arts Vivants 52. For this event, its director Rémi Sabron invited Emilie Domergue, responsible for this introduction to the Anglo-Saxon accent.

Choir director Caroline Pilot is in charge of rehearsals locally, and the group will travel to Dijon on Sunday, January 21, to meet with other singers from the departments involved in the production, conducted by Ismael Gutierrez and Luc Bauhaben in Dijon. A musical group backed by dancers and two professional soloists.

The singers are pumped, full of enthusiasm, the project is ambitious and will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful vocal gatherings of 2024. Online ticketing will open from February 1.

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From our correspondent Norbert Manzine