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Extreme discomfort at the hairdresser (it's so funny)

Extreme discomfort at the hairdresser (it's so funny)

When Penelope Cruz started in Hollywood, she didn't speak English well. So the Spanish actress had to face the language barrier… which led to some hilarious situations! The actress didn't hesitate to talk about this particularly embarrassing day…

Born in Spain, Penelope Cruz made her Hollywood debut in 2001. Vanilla Sky By Cameron Grove. The beginning of her career on the Atlantic coast was not easy for a young woman, then only twenty years old. His biggest problem? The language barrier brought him into many funny situations.

Penélope Cruz: Her Lunar Request to a Hairstylist (A Big Mistake)

Guest on the set of an American talk show The Graham Norton ShowThe successful actress agreed to talk about her difficulties in English. “When you first started in Hollywood, you didn't speak a word of English.”The host told him.

“I knew the minimum… I only knew my lines. I panicked when everyone was talking. I didn't know what the actors and directors were saying. It was very frustrating.” Intrigued, Graham Norton asked him to tell a story: “Did your lack of fluency in English lead to an awkward moment at the hairdresser?”

Penelope Cruz recalled the famous moment with an embarrassed laugh. “Yes, that's true… One day I went to the hairdresser and asked for a blow job instead of a blow dry, she said without blushing. Enough to elicit laughter from guests on set. That day, singer Elton John was there. So the British star took the opportunity to joke: “I did that too!” .

Where does Penelope Cruz live? Her “quiet” life with Javier Bardem

After more than 20 years in Hollywood, Penelope Cruz, now 49, has a perfect command of the English language. After living in Los Angeles, California for a few years, the star now resides in her native Spain. It is there that she raises her two children, Leonardo and Luna, born in 2011 and 2013, with her husband since 2010. Javier Bardem.

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In the magazine Marie ClaireThe star gave hope in 2018: “I love Los Angeles, but I feel deeply European. Here, a car is not mandatory for any trip. We wanted to be close to our families. For us, it's very important.”