June 25, 2024


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English from A to Z, translated into French by Clermontoise Fabienne Bonnet

“This book will be useful for those who observe the UK from afar or want to stay there. It offers useful advice. The English love old things, their homes heat up badly, no double glazing.”
Although a native of Clermont-Ferrand, Fabian Bonnet speaks with a delicious English accent and looks like the French version of the book by Alan McFarlane, English A to Z.

Like a filmchest

Acquisition of this Samalirois abroad, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom, Cambridge, where he lived abroad for forty-five years, where he taught French literature.

“Alan McFarlane trusted me. Like a Filmsbest, I translated his text culturally and was true to his thinking.”
This work presents as an alphabetical book the life of the subjects of His graceful majesty. “Insularity, Mysteries, Contradictions” A Literary Journey to the Land. Opportunity to discover through various themes such as “Sports, Clubs and Associations, Some Basic Gems of Democracy”. But there are some peculiarities of the peoples of these oceans: the art of saying “no” that includes friendship, language, rituals, maternal basis or saying “yes … but”.

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English A to Z, Personal ABC, Translated by Alan McFarlane, Fabian Bonnet, editions Sidney Laurent. Price: 19.90 euros. Fabian Bonnet signs Boulevard Franஸ்கois-Midrand, 80, at Les Volkens Bookstore, Wednesday, October 13, in Clermont-Ferrand.

In addition, he will attend Writer’s Day on Saturday, November 20, in the Quran Multipurpose Room.

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