June 18, 2024


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English hope for a public holiday if they win the final

The British are already thinking about the aftermath of the victory in the euro. They play the final against Italy on Sunday at their Wembley ground. The big question across the channel is simple: Will Monday be a public holiday to celebrate the league title?

The English are already watching the winners of Euro football and looking forward to a public holiday to celebrate. © AFP / Mads Claus Rasmussen / Ritzau Scanpix

“Stay home when football comes home”, stay home when football comes home. It was under this heading that an English citizen named Lee Jones began a petition On the Parliament website, Demands that Monday, July 12, 2021 be turned into a public holiday during the victory over Italy in the final of Euro football. By noon on Friday, we had surpassed 330,000 signatures.

A question that pushed the political class to react. At the London Radio LBC, the Minister of Economy confronted a journalist Who begged him to grant her this holiday. Rishi Sunak smiled and then tapped the question. “I hope you enjoy the extra 45 minutes in the bubble.” This is because the legal deadline has already been changed by the government to Sunday evening, so supporters will not be expelled until the end of the match in case of overtime or fines.

Boris Johnson did not say no

According to an ITV columnist on Friday morning, the bubble was three-quarters of an hour long, yet another reason for not working the next day: “Come on, give us a holiday! Why didn’t you give it to us? This is a wonderful time in the history of our country. Much has been said about Gareth Southgate and the national team regaining national pride. To celebrate an old British day. “

When asked about this heated debate on Friday, Boris Johnson took the touch:

“It’s tempting. Let’s see what happens.”

The Prime Minister did not say much. The British Pub and Beer Association believes it More than 7 million pints will be drunk on Sunday During the final. The English, who are so concerned about the party and the next day’s “hangover”, will almost certainly forget one detail: to win the euro and celebrate victory, you must first … beat Italy.