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The English variant of VOC 202012/01 is still clear in France, but did not improve until the end of May 2021. What are the symptoms? For young people? How to avoid shrinkage? Is the vaccine effective? Map and info to date.

[Mise à jour le mercredi 26 mai à 16h15] English variant of the virus SARS – Cove-2, Or VOC 2012/01 Or B.1.1.7 or 20I / 501Y.V1, First spoken on September 20, 2020 in Kent, England. But it was not until December 14, 2020, that UK authorities notified the WHO. He appears today In all parts of France. Analysis of the results of screening tests Types Considered “Anxiety “ (This is the case with the English variant) It shows that it exists 87% of positive Govt tests. It is mostly predominant (approximately 6%) compared to the South African and Brazilian strains. “This variation is related to a Increased exchange And a The most severe form of the disease, High risk of hospitalization and high mortality rate ” Public Health France Report in April. Became the spread of this variation More homogeneous Within the population. What do we know about him? Information.

Name of the English variant VOC-202012/01. VOC stands for “Anxiety Variation”, which is universally recognized as being associated with symptom severity, antibody response, or vaccine efficacy in the WHO’s view. Before calling each other VOC-202012/01, named VUI-202012/01 for English variant. Why? VUI stands for “Variation Under Investigation”, meaning it has been monitored by health officials, but its importance has not yet been defined. The The English variant is also called B.1.1.7 Because it belongs to the “hereditary” B.1.1.7 “, i.e. to a specific branch of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; 20I / 501Y.V1.

He was a born Mutation to SARS-Cove-2, Virus Govit-19. Its origin is not clearly established. It is part of the family Virus ARN, “Viruses that we know are very different”, Vincent Marachal, professor of virology, who was contacted by Le Journal des Fems, explains. The Kovit-19 virus is made up of a genetic sequence of 30,000 nucleotides. To infect new cells, it copies, “This is when errors occur in his genetic makeup. As there are 30,000 spelling errors in the recipe“, Take a picture of our expert. These errors are mutations. “Many mutations are silent and do not affect the activity of the virus. He continues. Others are said to be harmful, in this case the mutation is destroyed. Finally, There are mutations that promote the virus.In these developments, there may be a virus More infection, Escape from the immune system or Species can cross the barrier… These mutations make the virus more efficient than it came to be: “It simply came to our notice then. Most infectious viruses are dominant viruses, Professor of Virology continues. L ‘Increased infection Explains that within two months in Britain the British virus had taken over. This is the reason why we will not prevent this variant from quickly establishing itself in France. “

The first French case of the English variant was confirmed on December 25, 2020 in Tours (Indre-et-Lower). This is a Frenchman who has just returned from London. Indicates that the percentage of UK species varies from 70% to 90% depending on the region Scientific Council May 7. As of May 19, Public Health France indicates that it still exists The majority in France and the West Indies are clear, but no longer advanced.

  • The 20I / 501Y.V1 variant represents more than 80% of the analytical results of the Flash survey of 27 April 2021, regardless of age difference, especially in the Novel-Aquitaine, Base de la Lower, Normandy and Provence-Alps-C டிte d’Azur 93% ).
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“To the best of my knowledge, there are no increased clinical signs of British variability”, Vincent Marchell explains. However, according to a study published in January 2021, there may be some differences during the epidemics of the English variant British Medical Journal This may explain why it is more contagious. So, after examining the symptoms of 6,000 people, the authors reported that they were suffering from English variation Cough, sore throat, fatigue or myalgia (muscle pain), Than those affected by other types. “Second-wave viruses, commonly referred to as variants, have been reported to cause symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, such as coughs and colds, which facilitate the spread of the disease. Richard Tedder, a senior researcher in medical virology at Imperial College London, said it would “become more” contagious “. . The data also show that they exist Less likely to experience loss of smell or taste. There is no evidence for that Differentiation of gastrointestinal symptoms, shortness of breath or headache, They refer elsewhere.

Variation detection is performed automatically during all PCR or antigenic tests. From May 31, the pollution of a variant will no longer be mentioned in the test results. There will only be detected mutations.

The big difference between this variant and the classic version of the SARS-Cove-2 is its Infectious status, Very much in English. “It will be 30 to 70% more infections. The British variant increases the base reproduction number R0 by an average of 0.5. We go from 1 to 1.5, the difference is huge. For R0 of 1, ten out of ten people are infected and the spread of the virus stagnates. In the case of R0 of 1.5, ten affects fifteen. It’s very fast “, Comments Vincent Marachal. This is confirmed by Santa Public France, which has a spreadability of +43 to + 90%.

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The mechanisms for different positive person contact cases are the same for all contact cases:

  • 7 days solitude without delay.
  • Perform two screening tests for Covit-19: for the first time with an antigen test. The second time at the end of your loneliness.

For contact cases of a variant contact cases:

  • Strengthening the use of prohibition measures,
  • Deliver as much as possible,
  • Over the next 7 days voluntarily reduce social interactions and do an experiment at the first sign.

March 11, Oliver Woran confirmed it “The types were very contagious and dangerous”. According to data released by Santa Public France on April 21, this variation will increase the risk of hospital admission by +40 to + 64% and the risk of death by + 30 to + 70%. An English study released on Wednesday, March 10, showed that the English variant is 64% more dangerous than the classic corona virus. For every 1,000 cases diagnosed, it causes 4.1 deaths, compared to 2.5 for the classic corona virus, the authors said in the results published in the journal. British Medical Journal (PMJ). “Infection with VOC-202012/01 is more likely to increase the risk of death. Infection with VOC-202012/1 has the potential to cause significant additional mortality compared to variations in pre-infection. As Vincent Marshall reminded us “The mortality rate is linked to the health system’s ability to care for patients. “

According to the announcements of Pfizer And Modern, These two vaccines Would be useful against the English variant. They are recommended by the Govt Scientific Council on prevention. “The most worrying thing is that the virus is growing more and more – it is growing all over the world today – There will be more mutants, so there will be variations that get new traits. What is necessary is to avoid the multiplication of variations Vaccine In the world population. In some countries there is not even evidence of buying a vaccine. We are dealing with an epidemic worldwide and if we do not help these countries to manage this problem, the virus will continue to spread actively there. As the virus spreads, we will face variations “, Creates the scientist.

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Facing variation, artisan masks, type 2 filtration 70% not recommended from January 2021. FFP2 Masks, but not surgical masks and type 1 cloth masks, 90% filtration, masks recommended to protect against English variation. A mask that filters 70% still filters 70%, but if there is more virus in the saliva, there is more virus that can be filtered through the mask. That’s why we call on people to use more anti-aging masks. “ The professor explains on the sorbent.

The question should not be limited to masks. “In the face of diversity, it is important that all prohibition measures be taken at one stage.”, He continues. “People need to keep that in mindOne variation involves new issues. Risk of Vaccine Escape, Risk of Immunity Escape, Risk of Transmission: A Variation of Survival is Dangerous, We Can’t Wait to Act. ”

Thanks to Vincent Marachal, Professor of Virology at Sorbonne University and Professor of Universities.