June 18, 2024


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Normandy. Beware, the “English patriarchs” scam is back

Beware of “English patriarchs”, they are re-invading Normandy. (© National GenderMary)

L ‘“English patriarchs” fraud Known in France for about fifteen years, especially in the countryside. Many facts have been reported in Normandy At the end of May 2021, for genders Sean-Maritime, L ‘Your And inArne.

An attractive offer

The process is simple. “British individuals are canceling individuals, businesses or even communities. And propose an asphalt driveway, yard or path at an unbeatable price. They have completed a site in the area.

But beware, this offer is a scam. The tar put on was substandard, which did not come from a work in progress, but was purchased in bulk for the occasion. “The victim is helpless to find the facts and complain after work. Especially when there is no invoice, there is no appraisal,” the gentrification continued.

With “great weapons.”

Then, the asking price, at the end of the job, will be much higher than initially proposed. “Bitcoins are then pressured to pay, most of the time by cash, by threatening and intimidating ‘big weapons'”, explain the gender.

To avoid any fraud, the authorities recommend that you talk seriously about these companies, do not get involved too quickly, do not sign any contract and do not hand over any money. “Raise the license plate and call 17 or 112”, complete the gender.

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