June 19, 2024


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How to get vaccination certificate in English?

Certificate for travel may be required, sometimes it must be readable in English. Photo Description Bassis Siban – VTNPQR

Do I need to be vaccinated to achieve joint immunity?

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« I have been double-vaccinated and my certificate is in French. To enter Greek, I need the English version. Where to get it? », Rosline asks. ” How to get Govt Vaccine Certificate in English, Paper and Digital Edition? C asks Catherine.

In the case of Rosline, do not worry: Greek accepts vaccine certificates (also known as vaccination certificates) that are translated into many languages, including French. French Diplomacy. The document he received after the last injection should be sufficient for the trip he planned for this month. Accepted languages ​​vary according to destinations and it is advisable to check the rules in the destination country before departure to avoid any problems.

How to do ?

By the end of May, health insurance will offer a visionary service Those without a QR code (This is for those who have been vaccinated before May 3) To retrieve their updated document.

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Thanks to this QR code, your vaccination certificate can be imported into the application TousAntiCovid. « For now, you can change the settings of your phone and use the English language, the document will be automatically translated into use 2, explains the site’s help desk. But with the possibility of downloading this certificate from the telescope service in English version this somewhat convoluted solution will be replaced in the coming days. attestation-vaccin.ameli.fr, Also accessible to members of another French project.

The option to download the certificate in English should be available by June 21st, Dows Antigovit said.


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