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Among the French Canadians of that time, beliefs and fears ”

Among the French Canadians of that time, beliefs and fears ”

TRIBUNE – Twenty years after the emperor’s death, the young historian tells of how his long struggle against Napoleon and the British created powerful and hostile sentiments among the French Canadians of the time.

Dr. Edward Barton, author of a study on the relationship between Constantinople and Antioch during the Crusades, is preparing a second dissertation on relations between France and the University of Quebec in Montreal. French Canadians after the loss of Canada by France in 1763. He is the author of “The French Mortgage on De Gaulle or Canada” (Hermione, 2013) and “Les Franஸ்ois Bertus, Historical Essay on French Nation in the United States. From the 18th Century to the North.”

Canada, which had defeated England by France in 1763 at the end of the Seven Years’ War, became home to a population of French descent during Napoleon’s time – the so-called Canadians – who had to give way to British rule. The colony was far from the wars of the French Revolution and the Empire. However, the eruption of the Franco-English conflict from 1793 to 1815 did not survive

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