June 19, 2024


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Luneville. At IUT, students learn English without notes on the couch

This classroom will create the dream of more than one student. On the already very pleasant campus of the Lunavillois site of IUT Probois , English looks like a living room, with its orange puffs, benches, high tables, far from the usual places.

“It goes well with the system: it’s a self – learning room, they work in pairs,” explains English teacher Jerome Duquette, who has been providing this work method to his students for three years. “They choose what they want to do: a group wanted to work in Uyghurs – I would never have thought to propose to them. Let’s draw Top gear In English, those inspired by cooking on the show Kitchen dream D Gordon Ramsay. »

Students, though confused that there is no standard, appreciate it.

“We are looking for a very complex vocabulary. The work is good, easy, and you learn well, ”explains the first-year student. “The concept is stylish. It changes, it’s awesome, ”says another.

“It would be useful for them in a company that does not have references,” the author notes. “There are 90% positive points in this system. It comes from them and demands more effort from them. I did not impose anything on them: the first word written on the board was” Responsibility “. I tell them” you will have the level you want “they can no longer say suck! “

Theoretically, here, it is not possible to fall asleep during the lesson near the radiator. “But sometimes, you just have to shake them,” Jerome Duquette admits. After 4 to 6 hours, they should report again.

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Started in an engineering school

This naturally interested professor, with a teacher at an engineering school in Nancy, discovered this method while engaged in new academic education. Of the four semesters at IUT, students had three semesters and 4 semesters on self-learning.e Dedicated to professional situations, for example, to learn how to offer a workshop new location (there will be a three-year course for new entrants, Cole).

Nearly 40% improvement in one-year subjects

At the beginning of the year, Jerome Duquet offers TOEIC (English test for international communication) to students. Revolt next year to assess progress.

“Last year, they grew by 38%, apparently the English teacher mentions, except for those who were already at a good level, but many of them come to university at the lowest level after seven years of traditional English lessons. The first 900, they can’t take a classic lesson. The purpose is to get them out with a better level. “