June 22, 2024


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English in Primary School: Education departments start hiring undergraduates

English in Primary School: Education departments start hiring undergraduates


Algeria: Education directorates across the country have begun hiring teachers to teach English in primary schools, following President Abdelmadjid Debon’s decision to include the language in the curriculum of the first cycle of education.

As pointed out in a press release by the Directorate of Education of Tiaret, like many directorates of the state, the Ministry of Education “ordered to open the door to employment by contract, for holders of licenses in English or translated. The same language”, and the directorates of education have already begun to receive files of candidates. From Tuesday.

The registration files for those who wish to apply for English teaching positions in primary schools contain the following documents:

  • A written request stating the place of residence and telephone number.
  • License in English or in translation.
  • Evidence of National Service Status for men.


On the other hand, Masood Amrao, a member of the National Council of the Union of Education and Training Workers (UNBAF), called for the opening of workshops to train university graduates who want to work as teachers of elementary students in the English language. .

In a Facebook post, Amrawi said, “To make the process of teaching English in primary school successful, the Ministry of Education should open workshops to train graduates of English language institutions in various provinces of the country.”

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The union activist added: “The Algerian university has a degree in English, which is an opportunity for them to get a job, and they have to prove their skills and abilities.”