April 18, 2024


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“English is a mutation in the language of European understanding”

Tribune. Challenging the resignation of our French and European delegates in the face of the Commission’s misuse of English is the disease of an era of information truth. Nothing can be said about Parliament’s contact with the outside world of the European Union (EU).

Even though the United Kingdom has abandoned it, it is establishing English as the exclusive vehicle for intra-European work, in violation of the laws granting it to the three official languages ​​(English, French, and German). In today’s environment, I definitely don’t condemn such a situation that takes on a horrible and ubiquitous aspect.

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This situation is absurd at first, because English is no longer the mother tongue of 1.5% of Europeans (Irish and Maltese) and weighs less than 20 delegates outside Parliament (705); It is intellectually regrettable that the color palette of our languages ​​is an alternative to a flawed single language, with many Europeans crucifying their speech in “global” confusion: this linguistic dictatorship is not good for the conclusions pre-discussed by lexical. Poverty, prejudice and thinking.

The amniotic warmth of gentle imperialism

It is not English as in question; It is his abbreviated incarnation, as if it were filled with politics. Finally, it is even more serious when Ursula van der Lion delivers his State of the Union speech in Strasbourg in English (more than 80%) In practice For Americans and British, more than Europeans.

On the part of their representatives, such political masochism is going to silence someone. Half a century later, after doing everything to torpedo European construction from the inside out, Great Britain left the deposit with its teasing and its rhetoric! Some citizens seem to be sensitive to the corruption of this contradiction.

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In fact, we have long bathed in the amniotic warmth of a soft imperialism, which has captured our words, our images and our sounds, and instead of questioning ourselves we complain that we do not agree exactly. , Should not be good native Anglo-Saxons.

Bring more English usage in Europe

Undoubtedly neither the Americans nor the British are our enemies, choosing an evil is good for the few: the American Empire will certainly do less harm than the feared Chinese, but it is all good to be without an empire. A sweet camera, no doubt, will be a nucleus of our imagination and Europe as long as English dominates exclusively in our speech.

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