June 25, 2024


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Sergio Ramos fooled an English legend for Sevilla

Sergio Ramos fooled an English legend for Sevilla

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This is one of the summer soap operas in the transfer market. Sergio Ramos doesn’t want to end his career at the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. At the age of 37, the Spanish international was sometimes approached in Europe, Turkey, Argentina, but especially in Saudi Arabia, where a capital offer awaited him. But to everyone’s surprise, he finally started donning the Sevilla FC shirt again after 18 years to join Real Madrid in Andalusia.

85,000 euros per week

However, the former Real Madrid captain’s story could have been very different, as revealed by an English tabloid today. the sun. According to media reports, he “snapped” an English giant, in this case Manchester United. An offer was sent to the Spaniard, which he immediately refused. After Raphael Varane’s injury, the Red Devils were looking for an experienced replacement to fill the pack and finally see Jonny Evans. The details of the offer are already known: 85,000 euros per week for a one-year contract. A choice of the heart for Sergio Ramos.

In total

Before joining Sevilla FC, Sergio Ramos was approached by an English jumper. In fact, Manchester United and Erik ten Haag made an offer for the former Paris Saint-Germain defender, but he turned it down.

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