July 22, 2024


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My English school is preparing for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year

My English school is preparing for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year

Recently started as a franchisee, The My English School is a network of English training centers Makes a revolutionLearning English in support of oral practice in a relaxed atmosphere.

MICE – My English School

A future reference in English training thanks to a unique learning method and a strong community.

Learning English puts people at the center of the program with a method based on verbal expression.

After his victory Two native centers in 2022, my English school It plans to open its first franchise center in Bordeaux and add a Lyon address to its franchise network.

My English School accelerates its regional growth

With the aim of becoming Criteria of English training within 5 yearsRelying on a solid network of entrepreneurs, My English schoolEncouraged by its success Centers of Lyon and Dijon, now wants to expand its franchise concept across France. The first franchise center opened in Bordeaux Mérignac on April 17, with plans to follow in Lyon next October. From here 2024, four new centers To be enriched My English School Network. By 2029, the brand aims to accelerate its growth Fifty franchise centers.

Personal Support My English School

My English school stands out By supporting the owners, it follows the same values ​​as applicableLearning English For trainees. At every stage of project implementation, the New owner Supported by groups of networks. On the strength of her unique background, the brand’s director, Deborah Guillotin-Therian, wants to build a network of entrepreneurs.Mutual aid, people and unity Foundations of Success and Mutual development of each owner.

Origin of My English School Network

First landed in France in 2018. My English school Dealing with the Covid pandemic has particularly affected the English learning sector. Following Deborah’s acquisition of the Guillotine-Thiarian brand from its Italian parent company, the latter inventedSupport from two new partners in 2021 to recover Expansion rights in French territory. This bold bet taken during the Covid crisis has been crowned with success and allows Lyon to reopen the center and open a new brand in Dijon in 2022.

To find out how to deliver unique and fun English learning and join a growing network with proven concepts, visit the dedicated My English School page and request free documents.

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