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“English is like a new game intuition”

“English is like a new game intuition”

, Released 1 Avril

Tahar Rahim, who was pushed to the forefront of the international scene by Jack Audiard and his “Prophet” (2009), has experienced this deserved disgrace. His cinematography now blurs boundaries and the actor enjoys playing in Shakespeare’s language The Sunday newspaper, Thursday, April 1, 2021.

The day before the Netflix series “The Snake” is back on the deadly path of Charles Chopra in Thailand, his translator talked about new opportunities offered to him far from France. The one who keeps talking for him across the Atlantic Guantanamo inmates’ performance in the film “Appointed Convict”, Before Jodi Foster, Liked the English language: “J.He has always loved this language because it is a part of cinema, music and fashion culture and it fascinates me. As soon as ‘A Prophet’ forced me to train he toured with foreign directors. But in the ‘Eagle of the Ninth Force’ collection, I had a hard time expressing myself well …“The actor first worked”Four hours a day“Artist with Bob Meyer and, since the death of the deceased”Was more than a coach“, Is constantly advancing with an author and viewing works in the original edition.

“I have two film projects in New York: a play and a comedy”

His glorious journey, Tahar Rahim Is indebted to its resolution: “What Americans like most is the people who like it. When you come to Hollywood, you have to start all over again, but it does galvanizing. From the introduction, I had to take whatever I wanted. I wanted to be an actor, but I don’t know anyone in cinema. I took my bag, my pocket money and left for Paris not knowing where I was going to sleep. If I had hoped the world would come to me, I would still be waiting!

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Today, for almost forty years the actor has been in high demand in English-speaking productions: “I’m not allowed to go into details, but I have two film projects in New York: a play and a comedy. This recognition confirms my choices. Then I take great pleasure in playing in English: the musicality of this language imposes a different way of moving the face and body, the emotions take other paths. It’s like a new theatrical intuition. “Paying work!