April 20, 2024


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Two Northerners publish an application to learn English while watching movies

But where is Brian? We no longer count the studies that show that the French contradict English. A Ipsos Survey Forbes In 2019, 7 out of 10 French people proved to feel bad both verbally and verbally
Shakespeare’s tongue. Most of the respondents are willing to use their training account to fix a bad condition that has been recognized as a professional barrier. This is where the two northerners come in,
Myrmignon brothers, With a system that has nothing academic about it.

The Myriknon brothers, please in English, have made short trips to their home villages of Pearlmont, Mube Beige, Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Internship in the world of studies and cinema in Paris. It was at this point that they learned of a terrible contradiction: “France is the most synonymous country in Europe, especially in American production, while the French are very zero in English,” laments Corinthian Myrmignon.

“Learn without realizing it”

The solution came naturally to them: “I had to stop teaching recurring nonsense like‘ Where’s Brian ’and have fun teaching English. Learning without realizing it, ”continues the co-founder of the Mormignon Brothers. The idea of ​​using Anglo-Saxon cinema in the original version with English subtitles, as a vector of language.

Thanks to their contacts in Hollywood, Northerners have been able to acquire production rights for production purposes from the largest studios: Paramount, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal… “We have all their lists, including films, only a few months later. Their theatrical release ”, assures Gorantin. Their training system provides a complete list of educational content that allows you to work in a precise vocabulary or adapt to the profession you are looking for.

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For schools, universities, institutions, communities and individuals

Once a student’s status for a test has been determined, he or she should look at the content and then answer questions or make challenges. Thus he gets points that allow him to know and balance his progress. “Learning is fun and very easy that way,” Correntine promises.

Their solution, the Myrignon brothers have already succeeded in placing in many large schools or universities. To encourage employment within communities, especially for citizens of municipalities such as Formis or Hotmont. The app is now available for ும் 11.99 per month for individuals who want to improve their English in public culture. Soon, the Northerners site will offer other languages: “My final dream is to return to the United States to teach French,” says Corinthian Marmignon jokingly.